Vicky & Luke – Garden Wedding 2

Posted on March 17, 2018 by Admin under Weddings

Special Moments

I do enjoy weddings.   There is nothing better as a photographer than to meet and photograph two people in love and totally committed to each other, enough to vow to each other to spend their lives together.  It’s a privilege to be able to capture their special moments with each other, and with family and friends, on the day of their wedding.

I also enjoy weddings because of the variety of the occasions.  Each one is completely different from another and I enjoy the challenges that are presented to me.   This wedding was no different.

On this occasion I had three places to get to in Norfolk, a very rural county.   I find a sat nav an essential piece of kit for my wedding work, and a visit to each location prior to the shoot is a good idea too.   There was a lot of distance between each of the venues.

The first place to go to was where all of the bridal and bridesmaid preparation was taking place.   It was a beautiful house, with lots of room to move around, giving me the opportunity to get some good angles.   I always try to be as unobtrusive as possible.   It was lovely that I was able to shoot around the whole bridal party, who weren’t concerned by my presence.   That makes the final shots very natural, with no forced posing or awkward moments.   I’ve included some of those shots in the gallery below, because they seldom get seen outside of the album.

The second location to get to was the church, a gorgeous building that shouted about being the central location of the village.   It was set down a little lane which provided a nice spot to shoot the arrival of everyone, and it was next to the pub, always a good sign!   Vicky arrived in an immaculate VW camper, as can be seen below, accompanied by a very proud dad.

I was allocated a spot behind the vicar for the duration of the ceremony, from which I was unable to move.   Nevertheless I managed to get some lovely shots of Vicky and Luke, as well as their family and friends.   Flashless photography was the order of the day in the church, but my equipment coped without any concerns.

From the church we moved to the third location, which was the garden of the groom’s dad.  I say garden, but that doesn’t do it justice.   It was massive, swallowing a marquee as if it wasn’t there, with masses of room for tables and seating on hay bales.   There was even plenty of room for camping, which some of the guests did after the day was done.

What I particularly like about garden events is the scope they provide to get some sunset shots of the bride and groom, along with members of their families and friends.   I was lucky, the sunset was a deep blue this time, with some nice clouds moving across the tree line.

All in all, it was a fantastic day.  Vicky and Luke are perfect as a couple, and I wish them a long and happy life together.