Marian & Sam’s pre-wedding shoot

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A short notice shoot!

There’s nothing like a short notice shoot to sharpen your senses.   One of my previous recommendations was read by Sam and I was asked if I could shoot his upcoming wedding to Marian.  The wedding was around 10 days away from his enquiry so I had little time in which to get everything sorted out ready for the day.

One of the things I like to do before shooting the day is to meet the bride and groom, and anyone else involved with the wedding, so we can make sure that the day is covered properly and I’m in the right place at the right time.   As part of the meeting I offer a mini-shoot so the couple can get used to me and the camera.  That helps ensure that there are no nasty surprises for the bride and groom on the day, when their heads are filled with all of the stress and strain that forms part of their special day.

The date we agreed on for the meeting was only three days before the day of the wedding, so it was easily the the shortest period of time between the pre-wedding and wedding shoots that I had ever  done.   We decided to meet at Burghley House, famed for its horse trials held in the grounds.   Indeed, when we arrived to meet and shoot, tents, stalls and fences were still in place as this year’s trials held been held only the week before.

It was easy to see at the meeting that Marian and Sam were made for each other.  They were so easy to get on with, and we discussed the day as we moved around Marian & Sam at Burghley Housethe grounds of Burghley House looking for locations.We managed to find a nice spot with a view of the house in the background.  Sadly the day day was very cloudy with lots of imposing grey clouds but thankfully no rain.  It was windy too, but that didn’t spoil the shoot.

With them both was their dog Missy, who was quite keen to be part of the shoot.   She was very well behaved and was happy to wander around, though posing wasn’t her strong point.  She did slip her harness at one point but didn’t wander away, she just wanted to have a look at what was going on.

We took a walk along the side of the large water feature in the grounds and took a few shots on the bridge over the inlet to the lake.   Missy decided that she wanted to be in this shot, the only one I got where she was facing the camera.  Marian & Sam on the bridgeI had wanted to get to go back another 10 yards or so to get this shot so I could get some nice lead-in lines but was unable to do so because there were some locked wrought-iron gates blocking my way.

The final shot of the day was taken from the bank of the lake inlet.   Marian & Sam kindly agreed to walk through a wet area to themselves to the centre of the stream.   They stood on a thin strip of compacted mud and gravel with water either side of them.   I get slightly worried when we do shots like this as there is always the danger that clothes will get dirty, or even worse, torn or damaged in some other way.   They weren’t at all phased by the idea, and when they moved Marian & Sam the kisstogether for the hug and kissed I knew I had the shot I wanted for the day.

We finished the shoot after that picture, and moved back to cafe at the house to discuss the wedding day, which will be blogged later.   It was around that time that I found I had dropped all of my keys somewhere in the extensive grounds.   Luckily for me, they had been found by the porter and were returned to me very quickly.  Thank God for honest people!

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