Hannah & Grant – My First Garden Wedding

Posted on March 17, 2018 by Admin under Weddings

Garden Wedding

To say that Hannah and Grant planned their garden wedding to the minutest detail wouldn’t be an understatement.   I was booked some 18 months before their big day, which contrasted completely to my previous wedding.  On that occasion I had only three days notice.

This was a wedding of firsts for me.  It was not only my first garden wedding, but also my first non-church or registry office ceremony.  Hannah and Grant were having the ceremony conducted by a celebrant, similar to the format of a registry office wedding.    A nice touch was that the ceremony was being held in a place of their choosing which was in the garden of Hannah’s mum.

I always do a pre-wedding shoot so that I can meet the bride and groom before the big day.   It helps to break the ice, they get used to me pointing a camera at them, and lights too if they’re needed, and we get to have a chat about the way they want the day to go.   At our initial meeting Hannah and Grant told me how much work they were putting into their wedding.   They were very hands on and making lots of decorations and even the garden entertainment themselves.   I was told about the games they planned to have on the very large lawn, and I listened in amazement about the large marquee that was going to be used for the reception. I tried to visualise that as we walked around the garden, and thought I had it pictured in my mind.

The view that I had changed totally on the day when I arrived to take my preparation  shots.   The marquee was huge and it had three distinct areas.  An entrance and bar area led into the area where the wedding breakfast was to be held.   Doorways led to a dance floor and disco area.   I was stunned by the size of it all.

It took me a long time to get all of the preparation shots done.   Table details included handmade plaques showing key dates in Hannah and Grant’s relationship, like the one you can see below.   After shooting inside the marquee I moved outside to cover all of the games and the area where the ceremony was to take place.  The straw bale seating was amazing and worked perfectly with the setting.

The weather behaved, the day went very well indeed, and it ended with a beautiful golden sunset over the end of the garden.   That was an opportunity that I just couldn’t miss, but I had only a short window in which to get all of the images taken.   Sunsets never last long enough, but we got there.

Once again I was lucky to be chosen to record the events of a lovely wedding.  Hannah & Grant are perfect for each other, that was evident from the time that I spent with them both before and on their special day.  I wish them a long and happy life together.