Chelsey’s First Studio Portrait Shoot

Posted on November 2, 2016 by Admin under Portraits

Studio Portrait Shoots

I met Chelsey at a recent wedding where I was photographing the big day and she was one of the guests.   I didn’t notice her at the church, but saw her at the reception and wondered if she would be interested in doing a studio based portrait shoot.   After a brief chat I left her my card and thought no more of the meeting until she called me the next day.

We arranged a shoot at a studio in Peterborough for the Thursday after the wedding.  I made my way there and Chelsey arrived very shortly after me with a car full of clothing.  I don’t think I have seen quite so many dresses, skirts, tops and jeans crammed into a vehicle before.

Chelsey Samworth 1 at Studio One in Peterborough. Mel Pettit Photography. Portrait.

The idea was to start off nice and easy as this was Chelsey’s first time in  a studio.  I ran through a few posing basics and explained the sort of shots I was looking for.  I also took a few magazines to the studio to show her, so we could visualise some looks and styles.

Chelsey took to it like a duck to water, needing only a tiny bit of guidance here and there.

As well as bringing a massive amount of clothing with her, Chelsey brought lots of accessories, not least a selection of hats.  We shot with two of them, both trilbies, one black and the other black snd white checks.  The shot on the left shows that hat, beautifully modelled.

The Orange Top

I had expected Chelsey to be very nervous, but the three hours we booked in the studio flew by.  There were so many changes of wardrobe that I wanted to get through, but we didn’t get the opportunity.   We did get to Chelsey Samworth 2 at Studio One, Peterborough. Mel Pettit Photography. Portrait.the orange top though, one of my favourite items that Chelsey brought with her.   Shooting against a grey background allowed me to change the colour in post production, so I changed it to a contrasting blue.  That combination of colours, together with Chelsey’s blonde hair makes this shot one my favourites of the day.

White Shirt and Jeans

The final shot I’ve chosen is a classic white shirt and jeans shot with a chair.   It’s another one of my favourite shots of the day, because it’s so relaxed.

I do try to keep my studio portraits as simple and clean as possible.  I’m not a fan of clutter, I believe that one prop is enough as I don’t want anything to take attention away from the subject.  Sometimes it’s not possible to do that, if a studio has a fixed set the contol is taken away and you have to go with it.  On this occasion, the Chelsey Samworth 3 at Studio One, Peterborough. Mel Pettit Photography. Portraitchair was there and it was all that I needed.

All in all, I had a thoroughly enjoyable session with Chelsey, so much so that we arranged a follow up shoot for some fashion and portrait shots on location.  More of that later!